Telefèric Palo Alto.

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Descripción del Proyecto

Dirección creativa.
Ricard Trenchs

Responsable proyecto.
Ricard Trenchs

Anabel Cortina, Adriana Camps


Telefèric Restaurant

Design intent


Grupo Teleferic opens its new headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Our aim has been to contribute with our know-how in the restaurant field, with a great Mediterranean and Spanish influence.

The restaurant has a reception with a wine and cocktail bar, a large open kitchen with a dining room and a shop for Spanish gastronomy and take-away food.

The idea was to create a uniform envelope of sand tones for floors and walls, which are integrated with the original timber ceiling structure that we have left exposed, thus highlighting the main elements: such as the kitchen, the bar, the fresh produce.

Characteristic elements of Mediterranean crafts have been implemented, such as: basketry, manual ceramics, lime plaster paints, cement flooring, and natural cotton and linen fabrics. Everything in tone with Mediterranean colors, including decorative cushions of the banquette with traditional Spanish motifs a saffron-like tone, or the traditional decorative ceramic tableware using the colors of Empordà. On the longitudinal wall, we have placed a black and white photographic exhibition that explains the family and traditional origins of the Teleferic group.

The lighting has been resolved to provide indirect lighting for visual comfort, mixed with soften light through thick linen fabrics or basketry lamps, and spotlights to highlight the exposed product, tables or show cooking.