Trenchs Studio

Trenchs Studio is a creative practice, where we understand the passion for design as a holistic process and a global vision of the result. We create a creative strategy consistent with the business concept so that all the elements that are part of the experience follow these guidelines and give meaning to the spaces.

The experience, commitment, and knowledge of the processes allows the studio to participate in architecture, interior and product design projects, as well as provide creative direction services to commercial brands in the design sector, and offer creative consulting services to those understanding design as a profitable value.



Trenchs Studio is a starting point to dialogue with the client to understand and guide their vision and objectives.

Trenchs Studio is a creative hub where ideas and inspirations come together.

Ricard Trenchs shares his creative vision with his collaborators and associated studios, being able to offer a multidisciplinary team to develop projects of all ranges, both in Spain and internationally.




Ricard Trenchs

He graduated with honours from the Escola d’Arquitectura Superior del Valles, Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2001. After making some incursions into the world of architecture in Barcelona, he moved to New York to broaden his knowledge of design praxis. He later decided to return to Barcelona.

Having extensive experience within the interior design sector during these years, Ricard Trenchs has directed numerous restaurant and hospitality projects with great media coverage, becoming a reference in both national and international design, as well as other residential, commercial, and office projects.

Ricard Trenchs also has been invited to numerous design schools as a lecturer and as a speaker at round tables and specialized publications within the design field.