Eleven Bcn.

Project description

Creative direction.
Tarruella Trenchs

Project Leader.
Anna Torndelacreu

Olga Pajares

430 m2


NH Calderon Collection

Meritxell Arjalaguer

Design intent


The new Eleven Bcn cocktail bar is located in the pool terrace NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderón, which stands out for its panoramic view of Barcelona. This emblematic building was designed and built during the 1970s. Barcelona in the 70s developed a cultural movement known as La Gauche Divine. The reinterpretation of the aesthetics, the social context, and the contemporary spaces of the time, have inspired us to design this new commission, a fun cocktail bar that is open all day long. As a highlight of the project, we have included works by Leopoldo Pomés and Xavier Miserachs.

The bar acts as the central core of the space, and is visually connected to the outside through large windows. The cocktail bar adapts well to a daytime ambience, as well as fully integrating into the nighttime scene. The elements that allow us to achieve this duality are the general bluish-green tone that provides a fresh, yet, elegant appearance, the dark oak wood flooring, the detail work on the ceiling, and the spot lighting at night that counteracts with the presence of natural daylight. The furniture is arranged seeking to break the linearity of the space to create different corners. The furniture, mostly custom-designed, is defined by straight lines, rational forms, noble materials with bright nuances and a low height to reinforce the lounge concept. The restroom stands out for its visual impact. The mirror is used as the main cladding material with circular windows seeking the relationship with the exterior views.

The outdoor space provides magnificent views of Barcelona. The design proposal has been to work with neutral colors, highlight vegetation, and include comfortable and versatile furniture. During the day, there is an area of sun loungers, which at sunset, changes its layout configuration to create small pleasant corners, where guests can enjoy a cocktail and contemplate Barcelona´s nightscape.