Peralada Golf Club.

Project description

Creative direction.
Tarruella Trenchs

Project leader.
Olga Pajares

Ana Blanco

140 m2

Club de Golf Peralada, S.A.U.

Meritxell Arjalaguer

Design intent


The aim of the project was to provide greater visibility and functionality to the Perelada golf shop, and to enhance the strategic location within the hotel.

To represent the variety of directions that intersect at this point, lines are drawn with wooden slats that cross the ceiling of the shop and go down the walls to become the product displays.

The wooden lines on the front wall, which can be folded down, can be transformed into stands for displaying shoes and other accessories.

We had to make the shop simpler and easier to navigate, so that the product would be the protagonist, be well displayed and understand all its diversity in a quick visualisation. Practical, comfortable and discreet central elements are designed with oak wood cubes of different sizes and heights that provide rhythm and dynamism.